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Monday, November 8

Introducing......The Luxe Collection

Luxe Cards

   These cards are so much fun and are already a hug hit this season! Who would have ever thought of fun shapes for your cards?! We LOVE who ever did! The circle ones can even come with a hole punched at the top to add ribbon and hang.
Are you a photographer?  Purchase the psd files and use them for all your clients!
Not a photographer? We will add your photo and print them for you! All cards come in a beautiful pearl paper that makes them even more special. 
These cards printed are $49.00 for a set of 25 cards double sided, on pearl paper! 

luxe all cards copy

luxe all cards 2 copy


  1. Where do you print these that they will be cut with the edges like this?
    email: amyzabrinaphotography at live dot com

  2. WHere do you print these type of cards? When i go to checkout it only gives me 1 option? Can you help?
    Thanks Melissa

  3. I have the same question as these other two people. I'm an amature photographer and create my own cards each year, but I want to have them cut out in your shapes. Once I purchase them from you, who does the printing and cutting?

  4. The luxe line is for professional photographers to print only, and you can print the whimsy line anywhere. All printing instructions for the luxe line will be emailed to you when you purchase :)